New Greece Currency Secretly Being Printed, Appears On Bloomberg Ticker

Alexander Higgins reports:

While politicians publicly debate Greece existing the Euro behind the scenes comes a report of a secret order to print Drachmas as the currency pops up on Bloomberg’s ticker.

In public politicians refuse to entertain the notion that Greece may exit the Euro but behind the scenes another story is unfolding.

The World’s largest private printer of money De La Rue in the UK, who prints currency for 150 nation’s worldwide, is reported to have began secretly printing new Greek Drachmas according to a report from the well-respected German newspaper the Rheinische Post.

Business Insider also reported on this:

We’re looking into this, but we can confirm: There’s something called the ‘Greek Drachma (post Euro)’ that’s shown up on the Bloomberg terminal.

We’ve seen tons of tweets and screengrabs of the page.

There’s nothing really behind the ticker. No quotes or anything. It’s just there.

In October of 2011 there were reports that Germany was printing its deutsche marks in case things go bad:

Germany is printing deutsche marks in preparation to leave the euro common currency, says Philippa Malmgren, a former economics adviser to George W. Bush.

“My view is that it is Germany that will have to pull out of the euro,” Malmgren said at an investors’ conference in London recently, according to the Citywire news website.

“The decision has already been made by the government that leaving the euro is a possibility. I think they have already got the printing machines going and are bringing out the old deutsche marks they have left over from when the euro was introduced.”

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