Judge Napolitano: The President’s Private War in Pakistan

New article up by judge Napolitano at Lew Rockwell.com:

Did you know that the United States government is using drones to kill innocent people in Pakistan? Did you know that the Pakistani government has asked President Obama to stop it and he won’t? Did you know that Pakistan is a sovereign country that has nuclear weapons and is an American ally?

Last week, the Obama administration not only acknowledged the use of the drones; it also revealed that it has plans to increase the frequency and ferocity of the attacks. White House counterterrorism adviser John O. Brennan argued that these attacks are “in full accordance with the law” and are not likely to be stopped anytime soon.

And to add to this, here’s an article posted yesterday on BBC News:

 US drone ‘kills nine’ in Pakistan’s North Waziristan – Link

And here are articles posted just this year on this subject by BBC News:

(13 Mar) Pakistan: US drones ‘kill 15′ in South Waziristan – Link

(9 Mar) US drone strike ‘kills eight militants’ in Pakistan – Link

(16 Feb) US drone strikes ‘kill Pakistan militants’ – Link

(9 Feb) Key al-Qaeda militant ‘killed in US drone attack’ – Link

(8 Feb) US drone strike ‘kills 10′ in Pakistan – Link

(23 Jan) US drone strike in Pakistan ‘kills five militants’ – Link

(12 Jan) Four killed in Pakistan by ‘US drone attack’ – Link

(11 Jan) Three killed in Pakistan by ‘US drone attack’ – Link

And those are just the strikes actually reported by one western news agency, not to mention all the strikes that haven’t been reported at all.

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