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Merck Mumps Vaccines Are a Total Fraud: Company Can Only Provide the Courts with Efficacy Data from 50 Years Ago

Global Research reports: A pair of former Big Pharma scientists have accused their former employer, Merck & Co., of falsifying tests of an exclusive mumps vaccine in recently filed court papers, charges they say the pharmaceutical giant has yet to … Continue reading

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US govt-funded agency admits marijuana can kill cancer cells

RT News reports: The National Institute on Drug Abuse, a US federal government research institute whose mission includes “bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction,” has officially admitted that marijuana extracts can kill cancer cells. … Continue reading

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BMJ investigation exposes Big Pharma as conspirator in WHO pandemic flu scam

Natural News reports: The World Health Organization (WHO) is the subject of a new investigation aimed at uncovering what really took place during the 2009 global influenza pandemic, which led to tens of millions of people being vaccinated for so-called … Continue reading

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EU to approve new GM crop, ignoring majority members’ opposition

RT News reports: The European Commission is set to authorize the growing of genetically modified maize on European soil, despite 19 member states voting against the move, highlighting the “absurd” rules of weighted votes in the EU. In a debate … Continue reading

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Hawaii Bans GMO Biotech

Natural Society reports: Hawaii is a unique place – not only because of its cultural and agricultural diversity, but because the politicians sometimes actually listen to the demands of the people. Fortunately, the mayor of the Big Island Hawaii, Billy … Continue reading

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