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Child sex abuse report: Files concerning Westminster paedophile ring were destroyed in the last few years

Independent reports: Theresa May has admitted there “might have been” a cover-up at Home Office in the 1980s concerning allegations that politicians were involved in child sex abuse but said an official review found the claim was “not proven”. The … Continue reading

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Schools – Is Your Child a Student or a Slave?

Activist Post reports: A couple of days ago, I read to my daughter this headline by Heather Callaghan from Activist Post: School Pressured to Stop Making Kids Kneel Before the Principal Imagine my shock when she told me, “We have … Continue reading

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12-year-old Boy Explains Egypt’s Political Crisis

From Youtube: This 12 years old boy is just stunningly, incredibly smart. Listen to him as he excoriates the Muslim Brotherhood, relentlessly dissecting their power grab for Egypt. Meanwhile in Canada: 12-year old Victoria Grant explains why her homeland, Canada, … Continue reading

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Richard Grove: Collectivists Are Rebranding Our Culture and Public School Is Brainwashing

Couple of new interviews with Richard Grove: State of Mind delves into the history of the power elite whose aim it is to turn this world into their own personal slave plantation – Alex also talks with James Lane and … Continue reading

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Indoctrination System: Former Teacher Speaks Out, “Everything I loved about teaching is extinct.”

One teacher’s point of view: A veteran teacher shares her story of… Combine with: Schools scanned students’ irises without permission – Link How Schools Are Selling Your Children’s Privacy – Video No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: School “Does Not Condone … Continue reading

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