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US And Israel Quietly Provide Military Support And Parts To Iran, Which In Turn Is Arming Syria

Zero Hedge reports: Before the Ukraine, there was Syria. Before Syria, there was Iran. For over 30 years, Iran was the perpetual strawman of every attempt to escalate hostilities in the middle east. One only needs to recall that the … Continue reading

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Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – “Traitors Of America!” – (1/22/14)

Latest from Gerald Celente: “JP Morgan Chase penalized $2.6 billon over connections to Madoff, the “robber barons” of today & how little the New York Times cares for the “Names of the Dead”. Why get upset!?” And some more info … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart on Iran and Israel – January 16, 2014

From a recent Daily show: News that Democratic senators may sabotage Obama’s Bill to get a deal with Iran Combine with: When will American papers admit Israel has nukes? Not even after they used them the US would still be … Continue reading

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Ben Griffin – We Will NOT Fight For Queen and Country

Interesting speech from a soldier’s perspective: Ben Griffin opens by saying that fighting for Queen and Country is just a piece of propaganda dreamt up by the false religion of Patriotism. He says those who will never actually fight hold … Continue reading

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Yes, we can: Obama waives anti-terrorism provisions to arm Syrian rebels

RT News reports: The Obama administration waived provisions of a federal law which ban the supply of weapons and money to terrorists. The move is opening doors to supplying Syrian opposition with protection from chemical weapons. The Arms Export Control … Continue reading

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