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Hollywood movies censored by US military for getting too close to the truth

Mirror reports: A 1,400-page military document seen by the Sunday People exposes Pentagon involvement in ­hundreds of films and TV shows – changes to which pre-2002 are not classified. One switch involved re-working a ­character in 2001 war film Black … Continue reading

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NewWorldNextWeek : Britain Investigates Alleged VIP Pedophile Ring + Paris Attack + Monsanto Earnings

Latest New World Next Week Story #1: Britain Investigates Alleged VIP Pedophile Ring From ’70s and ’80s Story #2: Paris Attack On Satirical Newspaper a Textbook Terror Event Story #3: Monsanto Earnings Fall 34 Percent on Lower Corn Seed Sales … Continue reading

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How Ron Paul Was Cheated Out Of Presidency

Keep this in mind every time the US invades some country for “democracy”: A compilation of footage that shows how the establishment used illegal tactics to get Ron Paul out of the presidential running. Everything from bias to voter fraud. … Continue reading

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BBC’s six-year cover-up of secret ‘green propaganda’ training for top executives

Dailymail reports: The BBC has spent tens of thousands of pounds over six years trying to keep secret an extraordinary ‘eco’ conference which has shaped its coverage of global warming,  The Mail on Sunday can reveal. The controversial seminar was … Continue reading

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Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War

Made by James Corbett in 2012 and something to watch and think about when confronted with the “omg Assad used chemical weapons” headlines: As the US and Iranian governments escalate tensions in the already volatile Straits of Hormuz, and China … Continue reading

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