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Veteran Threatened With Arrest for Living Off-the-Grid

Refreshing News reports: A Huntsville, Alabama couple is being told they cannot live off-the-grid. The couple, who live in a self-sustaining home powered by solar panels, does not use any city utilities. But Huntsville officials claim that this isn’t allowed. … Continue reading

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Merck Mumps Vaccines Are a Total Fraud: Company Can Only Provide the Courts with Efficacy Data from 50 Years Ago

Global Research reports: A pair of former Big Pharma scientists have accused their former employer, Merck & Co., of falsifying tests of an exclusive mumps vaccine in recently filed court papers, charges they say the pharmaceutical giant has yet to … Continue reading

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US govt-funded agency admits marijuana can kill cancer cells

RT News reports: The National Institute on Drug Abuse, a US federal government research institute whose mission includes “bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction,” has officially admitted that marijuana extracts can kill cancer cells. … Continue reading

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Fighting the “War on Terror ” by Banning Cash

New post up on Mises Wire: It was just a matter of time before Western governments used the trumped up “War on Terror” as an excuse to drastically ratchet up the very real war on the use of cash and … Continue reading

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Why Government can NEVER be Fixed!! feat: Larken Rose

Why it can not be fixed: You can change the world, just don’t use force and aggression to do it. Combine with: History… So It Doesn’t Repeat: A debate on the concepts of “authority”, “government”, and the “state”, featuring author … Continue reading

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