Veteran Threatened With Arrest for Living Off-the-Grid

Refreshing News reports:

A Huntsville, Alabama couple is being told they cannot live off-the-grid. The couple, who live in a self-sustaining home powered by solar panels, does not use any city utilities. But Huntsville officials claim that this isn’t allowed.

“We live out here off the grid, 100 percent self-sustaining,” said Tyler Truitt. “So I basically made all my utilities: I have my solar panels, I have my rainwater collection and stuff.”

Truitt is a veteran who is now having his rights trampled. He and his girlfriend, Soraya Hamar, are be threatened with arrest if they don’t leave their own land.

“They say our house is a trailer, which is not allowed in city limits,” Truitt said. According to Truitt, the city officials claim that their off-the-grid lifestyle is not suitable and that the house is unsafe.

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Merck Mumps Vaccines Are a Total Fraud: Company Can Only Provide the Courts with Efficacy Data from 50 Years Ago

Global Research reports:

A pair of former Big Pharma scientists have accused their former employer, Merck & Co., of falsifying tests of an exclusive mumps vaccine in recently filed court papers, charges they say the pharmaceutical giant has yet to answer.

Lawyers at Constantine Cannon, the firm representing the scientists, have asked U.S. Magistrate Judge Lynne Sitarski of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania to force the company to respond to their request for discovery, which seeks to compel the company to provide efficacy data regarding the vaccine in the form of a percentage.

But, as Reuters reports, rather than answer the question, the letter said, Merck has instead been evasive, using “cut-and-paste” stock answers and claiming that the company cannot run new clinical trials to determine current efficacy. Rather, Merck has only provided data that is five decades old.

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US govt-funded agency admits marijuana can kill cancer cells

RT News reports:

The National Institute on Drug Abuse, a US federal government research institute whose mission includes “bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction,” has officially admitted that marijuana extracts can kill cancer cells.

The institute has revised a page on its website entitled “DrugFacts: Is Marijuana Medicine?” citing a recent study conducted by a group of scientists at St. George’s University, London.

“Recent animal studies have shown that marijuana extracts may help kill certain cancer cells and reduce the size of others,” the NIDA report stated, adding that evidence from “one cell culture study suggests that purified extracts from whole-plant marijuana can slow the growth of cancer cells from one of the most serious types of brain tumors.”

Combine with:

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FDA finally admits chicken meat contains cancer-causing arsenic – Link

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Combat cancer with the top cancer-fighting foods – Link

A common vegetable cures skin cancer – Link

Cancer industry total fraud exposed: Nearly all ‘scientific’ studies fail to be replicated – Link

Stop making cancer – from the inside out – Link

Natural News also points out this documentary on cancer called Cut, Poison and Burn, which is already up on Vimeo in full which has been taken down so here’s the trailer:

Cut, Poison and Burn

Trailer on Youtube – Link

The documentary follows the journey of the Navarro family, whose young son Thomas, then four years old, was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a highly-malignant form of brain cancer that typically afflicts children. Rather than undergo conventional chemotherapy and radiation, the Navarros instead wanted to pursue an alternative route, which in their case was Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s non-toxic antineoplaston treatment, which has been shown to be particularly effective at treating brain cancers.

This of course brings up the other cancer docus that have been linked earlier:

The Cancer Report

This documentary exposes the carnage of the cancer industry, the financial interests that molded it, and why it is so resistant to change. Meanwhile, cancer treatments kill more people every year than any war in U.S. history. Cancer patients with no treatment at all statistically live four times longer and have a better quality of life. The Cancer Report also catalogs the histories and procedures of the most popular alternative therapies, which generally have significantly better success rates than standard treatments.

Dying to have known

Filmmaker Steve Kroschel went on a 52-day journey to find evidence to the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy — a long-suppressed natural cancer cure. His travels take him across both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, from upstate New York to San Diego to Alaska, from Japan and Holland to Spain and Mexico. In the end, he presents the testimonies of patients, scientists, surgeons and nutritionists who testify to the therapy’s efficacy in curing cancer and other degenerative diseases, and presents the hard scientific proof to back up their claims.


What if Cannabis cured cancer

Could the chemicals found in marijuana prevent and even heal several deadly cancers? Could the tumor regulating properties of cannabinoids someday replace the debilitating drugs, chemotherapy, and radiation that harms as often as it heals? Discover the truth about this ancient medicine as world renowned scientists in the field of cannabinoid research explain and illustrate their truly mind-blowing discoveries.


Cancer – The forbidden cures

In the last 100 years dozens of doctors, scientists and researchers have come up with the most diverse, apparently effective solutions against cancer, but none of these was ever taken into serious consideration by official medicine. Most of them were in fact rejected out-front, even though healings were claimed in the thousands, their proposers often being labeled as charlatans, ostracized by the medical community and ultimately forced to leave the country. At the same time more than 20,000 people die of cancer every day, without official medicine being able to offer a true sense of hope to those affected by it. Why?


Run From the Cure

After a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal hemp oil. When Rick discovered that the hemp oil (with its high concentration of T.H.C.) cured cancers and other illnesses, he tried to share it with as many people as he could free of charge, curing and controlling literally hundreds of people’s illnesses… but when the story went public, the long arm of the law snatched the medicine – leaving potentially thousands of people without their cancer treatments – and leaving Rick with unconsitutional charges of possessing and trafficking marijuana!

Combine with this interview of Rick Simpson by Max Igan in 2010 and another one in 2012.


War on Health

Featuring many pioneering American and European attorneys, physicians, medical researchers and advocates of health freedom, War on Health lifts the veil on FDA’s militaristic operations against organic food providers and alternative physicians. The film’s conclusion is perfectly clear: the FDA is a tyrannical cult founded upon the denial of sound medical science with little intention to improve the nation’s health and prevent disease.

Also combine with these videos on health care:

As Americans fret about the Obamacare website and wonder how the country became enslaved to the highest healthcare costs in the world, we turn back the pages to look at how the modern medical paradigm came together in the early 20th century, courtesy of the Rockefeller Foundation and their cronies. Join us this week as we explore the real history of modern healthcare and the real motivations behind the family that brought it to you.

Combine with:

The above video is the short version. Topics in the full interview include breast cancer, diabetes and more. Full interview can be found here and youtube version here.

Also combine with these two interviews about health and nutrition. First one is from Infowars where they interview Peter Glidden (edited from 42 minutes to 14 minutes, most interesting bits only) and the second one is from Liberty Tactics who interview Clive Decarle:

Alex talks with Peter Glidden, a doctor of Naturopathic medicine. Mr. Glidden is an outspoken advocate of wholistic health. He has lectured to thousands of people over the last two decades and is a regular speaker at Health Freedom Expo and Youngevity regional meetings. Glidden is the author of The MD Emperor Has No Clothes, a book that describes how society is on the verge of a health care meltdown.


James & Lou speak with natural health guru Clive Decarle from about a wide range of health issues


And Dailymail reports on not using chemo to beat cancer:

A grandfather, who was told by doctors that his cancer was ‘incurable’, has been given the all-clear less than four months later – after trying a different diet.

Allan Taylor could have been forgiven for fearing the worst when doctors told him they could do nothing to treat his condition.

But the 78-year-old would not give up, and instead searched the internet for an alternative method to fight his cancer.

After studying websites, he decided to radically change his diet – and found his condition improved dramatically.

Mr Taylor, a retired oil rig engineer from Middlesbrough, replaced red meat and dairy products with 10 portions of raw fruit and veg each day.

And Dailymail has done it again with this story:

Cannabis plant extract ‘could stop aggressive cancers from spreading’ – Link

And more health bits:

Proven to kill cancer cells without destroying your immune system – Link

Thunder god vine compound annihilates cancer in 40 days, researchers discover – Link

Camomile tea ‘fights cancer’ – Link

Curcumin’s ability to wage war on cancer stem cells further verified by research – Link

Cancer Treatment Documentary: Conventional vs Natural – Video

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Fighting the “War on Terror ” by Banning Cash

New post up on Mises Wire:

It was just a matter of time before Western governments used the trumped up “War on Terror” as an excuse to drastically ratchet up the very real war on the use of cash and personal privacy that they are waging against their own citizens   Taking advantage of public anxiety in the wake of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket, France has taken the first step.  It seems the terrorists involved partially financed these attacks by cash, as well as by consumer loans and the sale of counterfeit goods. What a shockeroo!

Combine with:


See also:

Motorists illegally detained at Florida tolls – for using large bills! – Link

JPMorgan considering spending limits on debit cards – Link

Louisiana Law Bans Cash for Second Hand Transactions – Link

Italian government reduced the maximum allowed cash payment to 1,000 euros from 2,500 euros – Link

Greece to Make All Large Cash Transactions Illegal – Link

FBI says paying for your morning coffee with cash a potential terrorist activity, urges coffee shop owners to report cash-paying customers to authorities – Link

Italy to Ban Cash Transactions Over €50 in 2013 – Link

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Why Government can NEVER be Fixed!! feat: Larken Rose

Why it can not be fixed:

You can change the world, just don’t use force and aggression to do it.

Combine with:

History… So It Doesn’t Repeat: A debate on the concepts of “authority”, “government”, and the “state”, featuring author Larken Rose vs. attorney Tom Willcutts.

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